DIY Handmade Christmas Stocking Tutorial

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In this project you will find out how to handcraft your very own Christmas stocking decorations cheaply with items that can easily be found lying around your house. This blog post will feature what you will need and step by step guidance on how to create your very own decorations to help you get into the festive spirit!

As a class, our project was to contribute to making Christmas decorations that will be displayed in our school reception. The main colours of the theme were white, gold and silver so i went with a white stocking, with a silver Christmas tree and a golden brown cuff.

What you will need for part 1 and preparation:10847959_10204750673520493_5373344534866942970_n

Lay out some newspaper or a plastic bag as a hot glue gun will be needed for part 2 and this goes everywhere!

To start off making your stockings you will need a stencil of a stocking, a pair of scissors, any material of your choice, felt for the cuff of the stocking and a pencil. I made 5 stockings but this is optional to you.


Step 1: Lightly outline the stocking onto the material using a pencil. Then 1cm from the line draw another outline and cut it around this. Repeat for however many stocking you have.

10644781_10204750672320463_3751921180267366651_nproject 7







Step 2: Once you are done, using a pencil draw a christmas tree onto the back of the stocking in any position you prefer. 10822523_10203173216560398_414733715_n







961436_10203173216760403_1031753362_nFor part 2 you will need the following items: 

A pencil, white thread, scissors that cut fabric and two needles(one large and one small), thread of your choice for the christmas trees and ribbon or thick string to hang the stockings. Later on the hot glue gun will be used.





Step 3:  Take the thread of your choice and the thick needle and start from the bottom of the christmas tree and weave in and out until you reach the top. Repeat this step for the christmas tree branches and do this for every stocking.  The outcome should turn out like this:             10818586_10203173216600399_1292226710_n10846883_10203173216440395_441846947_n







Step 4: Take the white thread and the thinner needle and starting from the inner line, start weaving in and out. Do this until you reach the other side of the stocking and tie avoid it from getting loose. Again repeat this for all the other stockings.


Step 5: Take your felt, and using a ruler measure out how thick you want the cuff of your stocking to be and cut these into strips, one for every stocking.

project 4







Step 6: Now using your glue gun, carefully glue the strips onto the cuff of your stocking. Then taking your string, glue that to the inside of the stocking and press down firmly so it sticks.

project 3

project 5








Once you have completed step 5, the outcome should look like this:

project 2


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